MS SQL Server DBA Remote Training Course

We are providing SQL server database administrator remote training in Chennai. Remote DBA training can be given daily time slots.

This training is more practical session than theoretical with real time issue and experience sharing. Topic to cover is basic, advanced and high level performance tuning methods.

Location: Remote

Language: Tamil and English

Time: Daily between 9 AM to 12 PM

Cost: Based on the mode (OR) Complete course or particular topics taken.

All document and script been shared. We will help to get a job. Daily heath check runs and script been provided along with course. Most importantly, How to use AutoMon free script that will do all the wonder for all servers from one of your centralized SQL server.


Overview of data centre and how the high availability and disaster recovery configured Example: How the ESXI server, Storage and network layers have been tied up with database and application.

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