• Docker

    Install SQL server on Linux CentOS redhat create multiple Docker in laptop using VMware Workstation – Part 1

    Install SQL server on Linux CentOS Redhat create multiple Docker in laptop using VMware Workstation What is Docker container https://www.docker.com/resources/what-container In simple container is an image or package that will have binaries, configurations etc of the application to run on. Example – In a single OS you can run multiple containers, like CentOS SQL 2017 and 2019 version etc. It is very easy to install, once the image pulled and stored locally, creating SQL server is in a seconds, the advantage is you can create your own images based on the organization standards and store it in Docker HUB. Docker is a container engine developed by Docker to run a…

  • AlwaysON

    Configure cluster aware updating CAU SQL server WSFC windows cluster

    Cluster Aware Updating CAU It is nice tool given by Microsoft for windows cluster WSFC servers. How to configure for SQL servers. Open CAU – Type cluster name –connect the cluster server – click Analysis cluster updating readiness. Review the log, once all good, move on to configure. Click configure cluster self updating – Next next. I will not suggest to go default, make some change based on your environment, like failover apply node orders etc. Here is my configuration.

  • DBA

    Database suspect mode SQL server

    Database suspect mode One of my database went into suspect mode, it is not a critical one and small sized database. There was no backup πŸ™‚ How to recovery the suspect database?   Paul Randal’s post https://www.sqlskills.com/blogs/paul/creating-detaching-re-attaching-and-fixing-a-suspect-database/ If you don’t have any backups, then the only way to get into the database is to use EMERGENCY mode. This lets you into the database but you need to be aware that recovery has not completed so the contents of the database are transactionally (and possibly structurally) inconsistent. I’m going to choose to repair the database using EMERGENCY-mode repair. See CHECKDB From Every Angle: EMERGENCY mode repair – the very, very last…

  • AlwaysON

    Always on group missing disappeared SQL server database automatically

    I just had an issue, after a CAU automatic patch, the AG always On group disappeared on secondary node, it was missing. A quick fix — Restart the cluster service. You can try to add the group back by T-SQL, you can try to add a dummy database and you can suspend one DB and resume. It just a test, this might work.   Error log: A connection timeout has occurred on a previously established connection to availability replica ‘Primary Server’ with id [F58F54A2-F919-4BCF-9DB7-CBD2B10981BF]. Either a networking or a firewall issue exists or the availability replica has transitioned to the resolving role. Always On Availability Groups connection with primary database…