AWE has removed from SQL server 2012

    AWE has removed from SQL server 2012 AWE has removed from SQL server Denali onwards. Say bye bye to 32 bit servers. To use more than 4GB memory you have to buy 64 bit servers.   A small organization may suffer because of this feature has removed from the next version. For more look the following links SQLOS Team’s post : SQL Server Memory Manager Changes in Denali http://sqlblog.com/blogs/sqlos_team/archive/2011/01/04/sql-server-memory-manager-changes-in-denali.aspx MS’s post : Features Not Supported in the Next Version of SQL Server http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms143729.aspx    

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    SQL server 2012 Denali not starting there is insufficient memory available in the buffer pool

    SQL server 2012 does not start Today is not a good day. Ha ha not like that 🙂 Usual I opened SQL server DENALI to play something it doesn’t open (start) it at all. It’s throwing error. Probably you know what I will do I went configuration manager checked the service is started or not. It shows stopped. I tried to start the server but, it’s not start it. I checked the event viewer log and the SQL error log I got lots of error. Event viewer logs: The SQL Server (SQL2011) service terminated with service-specific error %%945. There is insufficient memory available in the buffer pool. SQL server error…

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    Merge join Vs Hash join Vs Nested loop join

      This month’s TSQL Tuesday party is being hosted by Stuart R Ainsworth (Blog| Twitter). I am very glad to write my first blog post as t-SQL Tuesday post on my newly designed website. SQL server has three types of internal joins. I know most of folks never heard this join type because it’s not logical join and it’s not often used in their codes. Then, when it will be used? Well the answer is “it depends”. This means it depends upon the record sets and indexes. The query optimizer will be smart and always try to pick up the most optimal physical joins. As we know SQL optimizer creates…